Monday, July 22, 2013

Leading Little Ones to God Review and Giveaway.

So many copies of this book have passed through our hands in this family, I couldn't tell you how many. During the period of time when we were doing foster care of newborns, we would send a copy along with them, whether they went to an adoption home or with their birth families. We've given it to new parents time and again. But most of all, we've used it in our home with our two daughters.

All I can say is, this book is a gem. It's a gem of the most valuable kind. What can be more precious than a book that so thoroughly, sweetly, and simply points children to the God of the universe and to His Son who gave Himself for sinful people? What treasure is more priceless than one which can rescue sinners from the fire, even the very youngest ones? There are many good Bible story books out there I'm sure, but my guess is that you would be hard pressed to find one which can explain doctrine better than this one. I mean doctrine for "little ones" as the title implies.

This Protestant work was written by Marian M. Schoolland and published in 1962. It is written in a devotional manner in a way that can speak to the heart of the very young child. It is a classic in every sense of the word. It's perfect for family devotions with all ages gathered around. There are fourteen major sections, and each of them is divided into subsections, or chapters, each a perfect length for a family worship time. After the devotion for each chapter, there are discussion questions, a memory verse, a suggested Bible reading (which we would usually do first), words from a hymn, and a prayer. It's non-denominational, but thoroughly Biblical and evangelical.

One thing I've always appreciated about this book is how Mrs. Schoolland uses italics to help in the reading. They were always a help to me with respect to having the emphases on certain words in a way that is pleasing for children. One of my favorite chapters is "We Must Be Born Again." I love how she explains the new birth to these young ears. After starting out telling the children what a happy day it was for their parents when they were born, she says "But did you ever think that you must be born again? Jesus said so." Then she goes on to explain this wonderful truth lovingly and simply, but with good sound doctrine.

I don't hesitate to recommend this book to every and any family with children. I can't even give an age limit for it; I still enjoy reading it myself. For now, I'm going to make sure one family has one because we're giving away a copy in our second big giveaway. And then we're adding a $25 gift certificate for Grace and Truth Books so this same family can purchase even more God-glorifying books for their home. Enter now below and may God bless.

(Only can open this to USA continental entrants. )

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