Thursday, November 27, 2014

Friday, November 14, 2014

Apples, Anyone?

Currently, there's not much selling going on over at the website, but folks still go visit for the articles, so we'll just leave things be for now. There is a sense where you might say we've gone out of business, but the PayPal buttons remain for those items which are still available if anyone wants them. But as for the articles, this particular one still remains as one of the most popular, and one of my personal favorites from the long ago newsletter.

Thought it was a good time to remind folks of it, in case anyone stops by. I love this season of making apple cake, apple crisp, and apple pie. I would imagine you do too, and really, apples are quite healthy in more ways than you may think. Eating a fresh apple is one of the best things your children can do for their overall health. 

Happy cooking as we approach Thanksgiving. What goes better with this wonderful holiday than an apple pie?

Nanna Maxine

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Siblings- A field of Happiness and Usefulness

"What a field of happiness and usefulness is open to the girl with little brothers and sisters!" ~ from Beautiful Girlhood, Karen Andreola. And this painting by Seymour Joseph Guy aptly illustrates that point. I hope you're dear children, especially your daughters are learning the value of having siblings. What lessons are learned by their mere presence and sharing of the same home.