What you are will show in what you do.

~ Thomas Edison

Do you know what the word "character" means? This quote has to do with a person's character, good or bad. Suppose a boy named Andy had a job one day cleaning out the garage of his neighbor, Mr. Forrester. Mr. Forrester is only able to pay Andy a little money for doing this, but Andy knows that he is being a big help. One of his jobs is to take out boxes of old magazines and books. While doing that, Andy finds a five dollar bill which had fallen into one of the boxes. It was dirty and dusty just as the books were, so it probably had been there a long time. Mr. Forrester is nowhere around. To help explain Mr. Edison's quote, write a few sentences telling how Andy's character will affect what he does with the five dollars he just found.

[To be sure you understand what "character" is, discuss it with your dad or mom and then write your sentences.]