The Bravest Thing

Many people envy heroes,
And think them brave and fine.
They say, "I wish adventure
Would walk this path of mine." 

But really, you're a hero
If you can only sing
And see a little bit of good
In every living thing.

If you can pray to God above
With faith within your heart, 
And if, in simple living
You can only do your part.

You truly are a hero
If you can laugh and smile,
And make somebody happy
For just a little while.

If you can do a little good
To help this world along,
The bravest thing that you can do
Is smile when things go wrong.

                        -- Author Unknown

Do you want to be a hero? Can you be a hero as young as you are? Read this poem again and write a few sentences about what it is saying about how even you can be a hero.