Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sweet Little Nurses

"Nursing is all about touching lives, and lives touching yours along the way." ~ author unknown 

 I just created a new album at the Facebook page by this title and also started a new board at Pinterest entitled "Little Nurses." Guess my inspiration this time was pretty much personal, as my daughter is graduating from nursing school next week and I wanted to give her some quotes for inspiration. And what better pictures to go along with the quotes than little ones pretending to be nurses or interacting with them. There are so many pictures out there, especially vintage ones! And you know how I am about vintage. 

God's blessings to all who stop by here. Life is so busy; that same daughter is getting married Labor Day weekend and Facebook and Pinterest do get my attention first, so sometimes I forget about this little blog. But I don't want to let it die. Not yet. 

Hope all is well with those who still love blogging-- keep up the good work wherever you are letting your voice be heard. May God use it. 

Lovingly, Maxine