Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Adoniram Judson, a Christian Hero

What do your children know about Adoniram Judson? Do they know that he could read books at the age of three and read and write Latin and Greek at age nine? He was often called “Virgil”, which was a nickname for “bookworm.” Let your sons and daughters read about this hero of our faith who rightfully considered education a good thing, but by and by found a better treasure, which became the impetus that sent him and his faithful wife to a country where they endured many hardships. Why do such a thing? Why go to such a place? For the love of Christ—what else? Go to Church History for Kids and encourage your children with a hero unlike those they will see on any TV show or movie. Let them hear or read how this man used his intellectual abilities and love of language for the kingdom of God.

I also just found a good biography you could read to your preschoolers at Wholesome Words.

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