The Lion and the Mouse

Do you know much about mice? In case you don’t, I will tell you a little bit
about them. Mice are very little animals with long, skinny tails. Some people
think they are cute; many people do not. Actually, mice are rodents. That
means they belong to a family of animals that have front teeth that are quite
strong. In fact, rodents can gnaw hard objects like wood, and their teeth
continue to grow most of their lives. So, you see, the teeth of a mouse are
very useful to him to survive in this world. A mouse is usually quite timid,
though. His teeth help him to live and eat, but he can’t really fight with them
or scare other animals with them because he is so small compared to most
animals. In fact, there are many animals that eat mice.

A lion, on the other hand, can and does scare other animals with his teeth.
You know all about lions, I am sure. You know how scary a lion is. He is even
called “King of the Jungle” because he is so feared.

There was a time, it is said, that a mouse ran across the body of a sleeping
lion by mistake. We do not need to tell you how very afraid the poor tiny
mouse was when the lion woke up and grabbed this shaking little fellow in
his paws. He had every reason to be scared since the lion was about to eat
him. “Please Mr. Lion,” pleaded the mouse, “let me go this time and I will
always remember your kindness. Maybe someday I can pay you back and
help you.”   Well, the lion thought this was so funny that he let his little
captive go.

Wouldn’t you know that It was just a couple of weeks later that the lion got
caught in a huge net which had been left by some hunters. He could not free
himself and began to roar loudly in dismay. Guess who heard him? That’s
right, the little mouse whom he had let go. His little “friend” came running at
the sound of the lion’s roars. The mouse gnawed and gnawed on the ropes
with those strong front teeth and before long the lion was set free and went

~ Retold by M. Randall


This fable is not written to teach us about mice and lions. It is really teaching us about other important matters. We can learn about courage, gratefulness, loyalty, and mercy  in this story. These are all good things. What did the lion and mouse teach you about these things? Who was brave in this story? Who was thankful? Who was loyal? Who showed mercy? Are there any ways you would like to be like the lion in this story? What about the mouse? Are there any ways you would like to be like him? Why not write these ways down in your journal or on a piece of paper and show them to a parent or teacher.

Note to Home Teachers: Wouldn't it be great to integrate the moral lessons from this story into one of your science lessons?