Monday, January 30, 2017

Checkers, Finally

Finally, I have gotten to play checkers with my two oldest granddaughters and I had forgotten what a fun game it can be. What a nice, pleasant break from the electronic world and a walk down memory lane to days gone by. And the thing is--I hear they love it and play often together at home. I gave the middle girl one of those gift boxes with one hundred games in it for Christmas, and from what I hear, checkers is the one they play the most. In fact, I think it's the only one! Well, maybe eventually they'll venture out and explore some of the others in that box. Now, don't take this as a criticism of electronic games. I think they are quite fine (I play one of them myself), but it's not a good idea to have children hooked on them exclusively. Good old fashioned board games and good old fashioned outdoor games are a must in any child's life, in my humble opinion. And I am sure many others would agree.

Nanna Maxine