Jesus Loves Me

Jesus loves me, this I know,
For the Bible tells me so;
Little ones to him belong,
They are weak but he is strong.

Jesus loves me, he who died
Heaven’s gate to open wide;
He will wash away my sin,
Let his little child come in.

Jesus loves me, loves me still,
Though I’m very weak and ill;
From his shining throne on high
Comes to watch me where I lie.

Jesus loves me, he will stay
Close beside me all the way:
If I love him when I die
He will take me home on high.


Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
The Bible tells me so.

~ Anna B. Warner

This hymn was written by Anna B. Warner in the middle of the
nineteenth century. Many wonderful hymns were written during
those days and this was one of them. Miss Warner and her
sister Susan sometimes wrote books together and the words to
this ever so familiar hymn were words that were spoken by a
character in one of those books. Isn’t it a wonderful hymn? Did
you know that this is one of the first songs that is often taught to
new converts from other lands? It is probably one of the first of
the hymns that you learned as a wee child.

Here are a couple of things you could write about:

1. Why certain words in this hymn can only be spoken by Christians to be true.
2. Which words are your favorites and why.

Listen here and sing!