Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sharing Father Photos

I went through photos I'm free to use here which I have in my collection of click art and gathered a few I like of dads doing things with their children - things I particularly like to see dads doing with their children, that is. How blessed any child is that has a good father, one who loves the Lord and sees to it that he leads his children in right paths, by word and example. Here is a collage of dads and their kids. I don't know the people in the photos; all I know is they are showing in picture form, what I think we'd all agree is a good thing for their children. And spending time with your kids, even to fix something or help with something,  is valuable. Do you have a favorite photo from this group? I'm posting my favorite at the Facebook page (another was posted there previously and another one pinned). Click on each one to make it big!

Happy Father's Day to any dads who happen to come by!

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