Thursday, June 13, 2013


We're finally having a giveaway at Facebook. I've always been a bit afraid to do one, mainly because I got scared some time ago hearing about all the rules and regulations. I think I worried we'd be kicked off if something wasn't right. But lately I found out there are places that will do it for you and make a tab and all that. So, we're off! 

There are several ways to earn entry points, only one being required, and that is that you are a fan of the new HCG page. And you get TWO points for that! After that, take your pick from five other choices. Do them all and get seven points! And a couple of them you can do every day for a week! Do I sound excited? I am. :)

I'm most excited about the prizes. The primary prize is that we'll be sending the winner all the necessary elements to make one Child Training Bible. Now THIS is exciting. You can't imagine how many families have been blessed by using this resource. I wish it had been around when my children were younger. But it's my intention to bless my grandchildren with one very soon. They're getting to be just the right age for it. Want more information? Go to the website and read. I don't know them personally, but Mindy Dunn and her husband developed this system for their own family and are now passing it on to others. They seem to be a truly godly couple, who have the same desires and hopes for their children as many of us. God bless them. And Mindy has agreed to donate a set of the cards for our giveaway. So thankful to her for this. We're also giving the winner a choice of a Bible version out of four which we've selected for this purpose.

Also, we're including one copy of Bright Gems for His Crown, my devotional for children which has been around for a while and was written from the heart, so I hope as a gift from SG it will bless some young folks in some home somewhere.

Okay! Ready to enter? Here is the direct link. Then, follow the directions. Can't wait to see who wins.

Warm regards,
Maxine, a/k/a Nanna

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