Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bring Them to Church

VII. Train them to habits of diligence, and regularity about public means of grace.

"Tell them [your children] of the duty and privilege of going to the house of God, and joining in the prayers of the congregation. Tell them that wherever the Lord's people are gathered together, there the Lord Jesus is present in an especial manner, and that those who absent themselves must expect, like the Apostle Thomas, to miss a blessing . . .

"See to it too, if it can be so arranged, that your children go with you to church, and sit near you when they are there. To go to church is one thing, but to behave well at church is quite another. And believe me, there is no security for good behavior like that of having them under your own eye. . . 

"Be not cast down because your childen see not the full value of the means of grace now. Only train them up to a habit of regular attendance. Set it before their minds as a high, holy, and solemn duty, and believe me, the day will very likely come when they will bless you for your deed." 

~ From The Duties of Parents, J. C. Ryle
(See our first post in this series)   

[Much of what Mr. Ryle says in this section can be applied to those who have small children and it's not too much of a struggle in these situations. But the applications to those who have teens are what struck me most. Hope you can all read this.]

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