Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Have you noticed, as we have, that there is an important virtue children of the past learned, which is not seen as often in today's society? That virtue, or should we say Christian grace, is thankfulness. But to see this grace in our kids we need to practice it ourselves, don't you agree?

As we embark on our fourth writing contest, we have a perfect opportunity to be an example to the children to whom we're trying to minister, by expressing our thankfulness to WriteShop for graciously donating one of the prizes to the first place winner. Though the primary purpose of our Speakables is character development, we also recognize the importance of children learning proper writing skills. The StoryBuilders e-books are certainly a great tool you can use to develop your child's ability to do that. If your son or daughter were to submit the winning story in our contest, they would have the opportunity to choose one of these e-books which would help them to learn to write even better stories in the future! What fun!

I would encourage you to visit WriteShop and see all of the many resources they have for teaching fundamental composition and editing skills to teens and younger students, at home or in the classroom. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.


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