Friday, February 4, 2011

National Puzzle Day

Guess what I just found out? January 29th, last Saturday, was National Puzzle Day! First of all, I never knew such a day existed, and second of all, I had no idea when it was. And I missed it! If you're wondering why that's important to me, let me tell you. I am a GREAT lover of puzzles and always have been. One of the suggestions for celebrating the day was to gather all your different puzzles and spend the day doing all the kinds you enjoy. Me? I would have gathered all of my sudoku, word search, cryptogram, jigsaw, and logic puzzles, because they're my favorites. No I wouldn't. I would never have had time to spend a day doing that, but I can still dream. As it is, I "steal" time to do puzzles when I just want to relax and get away from all the various pressures.

Since I wasn't able to celebrate the day, and in its honor, I'm going to post one of the riddles I made up (or adapted) some time ago. I think it was posted before when we had our puzzlers at the main website, so if you saw it there, please don't cheat. You shouldn't participate.

And because it's such a special occasion, we'll give away a Highlights Puzzlemania activity book to the first person who guesses the right answer. We'd prefer it if you'd let your older kids try this one, but really there's no age limit. Whoever gets it first, gets the book. Please, no anonymous users, and please let us have a way to contact you. Here it is:

I am very light, but you cannot pick me up;

If I am given to you, you cannot take me home;

I may come with many companions like me, but we will never stay long.

Catch me if you can, but don't expect to capture me!

Don't be afraid to guess!! There's no penalty for being wrong, you know, and we will give each person two tries!! :) Enjoy.



  1. Hi Nayna and Sarah! Thanks for your visit and for taking a guess. It was a good guess too! However, it was not the answer we're looking for. Sunlight is certainly very light, but we're thinking of the kind of "Light" that means not heavy. (So that's a hint.) I agree, we can't pick up sunlight or take it home, can we? So that's true. But sometimes sunlight will stay around for a while and it usually needs no other companions, does it? So the riddle does not fit there.

    You're welcome to try again! Thanks for being brave and guessing.

  2. Hi Hillary!

    Congrats to Mara Ann--that is the correct answer:


    Great job!! Please email us your home address so that we can send you the Puzzlemania book. (Contact information is on the Speakables Page.)

    Many blessings!

    Maxine R.