Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hands Beautiful

 "Then Jesus drew the little children to Him, and blessed them, but He did more than that. It has sunk deep into the memories of the evangelists that in blessing them He laid His hand upon them. . . It was an act of the sweetest and most natural tenderness, the gentle and caressing touch of love. When He laid His hand upon the infant's head, He was laying it upon the mother's heart. Do you think these mothers ever would forget it? Some of them would see that hand again. It would be pierced then, streaming with red blood, and they would say, 'Look! that hand was once laid upon my child.' Behold His hands, then, they are hands of power, but the mothers could tell you that they are hands of tenderness."

Excerpt from "Hands Beautiful," Meditations on the Gospels by George Morrison

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