Monday, December 16, 2013

Childhood Glimpses: Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges is one of three examples of children having courage to do right things in the face of wrong which I posted at the Facebook page this morning. For anyone who doesn't know, a daily prayer is posted there each morning as the first post of the day. These prayers are based on the daily devotionals from the Bright Gems book. Day 16 is "Having Courage" and we're in the first month of the sequence, which devotional is about Daniel having courage to do the right thing. So today's prayer, based on that, is asking the Lord to give our children and grandchildren the courage to do right.

I can think of no better example than this child, from a very difficult time in our country. This is a great painting by Norman Rockwell of this courageous little girl, just six years old. 

I found this article written by Ruby many years later, where she was looking back and reflecting on all that had happened during her childhood. Not many of our children will be called upon to do what she was, but we hopefully will teach them, as Ruby's mother did, that they have the power of prayer to help them through in the face of hard things when others wrong us. The Lord can surely help them to do right.

Trusting in God,
Nanna Maxine

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