Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Follow God's Plan of Training

XIII. Train them remembering continually how God trains His children.

"Now God the Father is ever training the members of this family for their everlasting abode with Him in heaven. . .Reader, if you would train your children wisely, mark well how God the Father trains His. He doeth all things well; the plan which He adopts must be right.

"See, then, how many things there are which God withholds from His children. Few could be found, I suspect, among them who have not had desires which He has never been pleased to fulfill. . .

"See, too, how often God leads His people by ways which seem dark and mysterious to our eyes. . .

"See, also, how often God chastens His people with trial and affliction. He sends them crosses and disappointments. . .

"I ask you to lay to heart the lesson which God's dealings with His people is meant to teach you. Fear not to withhold from your child anything you think will do him harm, whatever his own wishes may be. This is God's plan.

"Hesitate not to lay on him commands, of which he may not at present see the wisdom, and to guide him in ways which may not now seem reasonable to his mind. This is God's plan.

"Shrink not from chastising and correcting him whenever you see his soul's health requires it, however painful it may be to your feelings; and remember medicines for the mind must not be rejected because they are bitter. This is God's plan.

"And be not afraid, above all, that such a plan of training will make your child unhappy. I warn you against this delusion. Depend on it, there is no surer road to unhappiness than always having your own way. . . To be indulged perpetually is the way to become selfish; and selfish people and spoiled children, believe me, are seldom happy."

~ From The Duties of Parents, J. C. Ryle (See our first post in this series)

[If we believe God loves His children, isn't He the best example for us? In this section there's a lot of food for thought along the same lines which of late have been brought out in quotes at the Facebook page.  This theme of not giving children all their wants and desires is almost as important as the one of not withholding correction. You'll be further impacted when you read the portions I left out. ~ mr]


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