Monday, August 26, 2013

The Defiance of the Dragonfly

O Lord, how manifold are Your works! In wisdom You have made them all. The earth is full of Your possessions--Psalm 104:24

The above creature is a dragonfly. If you were to study the intricate and sophisticated system that is built into its design, you would agree with the video I saw a few years ago. This creature, and many others, defy evolution. The earth is full of them. The earthworm, the elephant, the beaver, the giraffe, the woodpecker, the hippo, the lowly sparrow, and on and on--they are all incredible. Their structures are just remarkable. And how could they live for one minute without all of the components being fully functional at the same time? How did these intricate designs come to be? By chance? Random process? Naah!!! You have to come up with something better than that! I choose to believe the only logical explanation. 

Back in 2007 I posted about this at my devotional blog. At that time, my oldest  granddaughter was learning the first question to the children's catechism. Who made you? it asks. I'm very thankful that she learned the only rational answer: God. What else could it be? Next she learned the second question: What else did God make? And the answer to that one is also the only reasonable one: God made all things. May she embrace this fully in her life is my prayer. 

 So, folks, I present to you the dragonfly. I suggest you and your kids read up on him and the way he is designed. He defies evolution. 

[Now I can't remember the name of that video and who made it, but if I find out I'll include it here as a postscript. For now, I did look up and find this series of videos here but I don't know much about them.]

Apparently we watched the same series, but it was Number III rather than the above link. I would imagine they're all good. The link to Number III is here then.

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