Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lady Jane Grey, a Christian Heroine

Have your children ever heard of Lady Jane Grey? Do they know anything about her? Do they know that this young girl, at the age of fifteen became queen for nine days? But more important than that, I wonder how many of our children today know that this young girl was later beheaded for her Christian faith. She was just sixteen.

I would encourage you to tell your children stories like this. It can't be stressed how important this is in the day we're living. It's so important that our kids have a happy childhood and that they have things to enjoy. It's good for them to have their times of play and enjoyable activities. But please, dear ones, don't allow them to go without knowing about people like Lady Jane. And there are many others who courageously faced death for what they believed about Jesus. May our daughters especially learn about young ladies such as this, as they see a much different kind of "heroine" dangled before their eyes by the entertainment world.

We don't know what lies ahead. We don't know what the next generation will face. Please prayerfully prepare them for whatever might come. This is a burden of my heart and I pray you'll take it as just that, and not a rebuke. For the love of Christ. For the love of His kingdom. And for the love of your children.

You can read her story and many others here.

Maxine, a/k/a Nanna

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