Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"I Will Love You Forever"

This pin we made recently is being repinned like mad and can't you understand why? Last I heard, the Golden Retriever was the most popular breed in our country and it must still be true because the only pin we've made which beats this one insofar as repins is one from a couple of weeks ago of a bunch of gorgeous Golden Retriever older pups being let out of the back of a SUV with the caption "Who Let the Dogs Out?" 

Lets see if there's ever a pin that gets a higher repin count than these two (that is, for SG). And whether it's something that's not one of our beloved best friends. Do you have a pet? Whether it's a dog or something else, I hope your youngsters get many good lessons in love and compassion that can be had in pet ownership. If so, that critter will indeed love you for as long as it has an existence on this earth. And even the sadness and grief of seeing them go is a needful growing experience for your children. 

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