Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Guess What?

Yes, "Guess What?" was another page we had on our site for children, and anybody else young in heart for that matter. That page was just for fun and to stretch the mind a bit. It was a page where we would periodically post a puzzler, riddle, or guessing game. This, too, will be a category on this blog rather than a page, with the benefit of being able to go back and read past posts. Also, now kids can make guesses right here via comments, if they would like to. We won't put the answer right away, to give chances for guesses, but if someone really wants to know an answer without waiting, they're welcome to email us (Use Speakables tab to get the email address) at any time and we'll get back to them pretty quickly with the answer.

This post is just to set up the category and to explain what it's all about. A puzzler or riddle will be coming soon.

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