Monday, June 14, 2010

Animal Crackers

Now this has been something of a challenge: what to do with the "Animal Crackers" page from our main site. Since it primarily was an activity for the youngsters, it was therefore another of the pages in the child's area, which means it needs to be moved here. We had lots of pictures of critters with clever captions (some from contests on my personal blog) and every so often a new one would be added. Most of them are cute and fun and it would be unheard of to not have them as a part of the family here at the new place.

So, I'm making this post to introduce the category so that we can add them, one at a time, until they're all here with us. Then when the current residents have all been added, we'll keep finding and adding more! To add the ones from the main site, all we'll do is make a post for each of the pictures and the caption without further comment. Then, they'll be in the archives under the category name, to which we'll link from the sidebar. Pretty ingenious, don't you agree? We'll spread this out over a few weeks or so.

You'll have to excuse us; we're an animal loving family, but as you may know, most kids love animals too. I have a category on my personal blog by the same name, because I enjoy writing about God's wonderful creatures and of course, our pets. It's fun when we find cute pictures of them too!


Here is the paragraph which we wrote to the children on that special page:

"Take a look at some cute critters. God made them all! Each of these pictures would be a good topic to write about. Think of a neat title and look up some facts about one kind of animal. Perhaps you can talk about the different species within that Biblical 'kind'; of animal. Make an outline and think up things you've found interesting about that part of God's creation. Maybe you could write a story. You could do a funny story or a serious one. Be creative!"

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