Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Artist: George Dunlop Leslie

I got this lovely painting from a friend's Facebook page and thought I'd post it here for its beauty but also as we look at these three young ladies in different stages of girlhood, I thought it a nice reminder of the treasure of girlhood and how important it is that we rear our young ladies in the ways of God. A nice helpful resource for this is still at our website. Beautiful Girlhood is a book that is tried and true, so if you don't have a copy for the girls in your life, I'd encourage you to get it. The companion to  it is available as well.

Thanks to "Miss Magnolia's Favorites" on Facebook for sharing with us this lovely photo.

Things are busy in our household of late so I've been cutting back on posts, but hopefully will pick up again eventually.

Nanna Maxine