Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Being Humble

I have the above image listed in one of my pictures folders as "BG children" because it's the image I chose to put on the cover of Bright Gems for His Crown years ago. I was delighted to see it on this Facebook page today, a lovely page I follow because of the many sweet pictures and art that you see there as well as well as great quotes. The page, "Life's Daily Treasures" chose a perfect verse for this picture, Eccl. 9:10 which expresses the need for us all to do whatever we do with all that we have.

However, today at our HCG Facebook page we have a theme, and it's humility. So I'm going to share that picture from the LDT page in a short bit, with a link to this blog post. Being humble is the theme for the day (every now and then we're going to have a theme to coincide with the morning Bright Gems prayer), as the date is the 20th and the Bright Gems topic for Day 20 is "Being Humble." I would like folks to remember, if they don't have the book, that each particular topic has three separate devotions, one for each of the three months, depending on when the book is started. So, I thought it would be nice to copy here the introductory thoughts for Day 20, written to the children. Remember also, the introductory thoughts are to be read for each of the three devotionals:

"Now we have some thoughts to share about being humble.  God tells us in His Word that we must be humble.  To be humble means that you do not think too highly of yourself. Yes, we know that you are yet a child. You probably feel that we do not need to tell you to be humble. And yes, we know that Jesus once said that people should humble themselves like little children. But that does not mean that children are never proud. What Jesus was saying was that grown-ups should have simple faith, like children often do. But when God teaches in the Bible that people should be humble rather than proud, He is talking about children too. So today, let's think more about this." ~ From Bright Gems for His Crown

Yes, our children do indeed to learn humility like the rest of us. Let's teach them, shall we? And I'm sure that you and I both know that all our teaching is in vain if it doesn't include our example.

Maxine, a/k/a Nanna


  1. Maxine, What a delight to discover your wonderful blog. I'm always looking for resources to help me in my role as grandma. And thank you for mentioning my Facebook page in this post on humility. I so appreciate it!

  2. And thank you, Candy, for taking the time to respond and for your encouragement. So you're the owner of that wonderful page? I just love it, and so do a few others I know. Many blessings. We'll continue to press on as grandmothers and to do our best to help each other.