Wednesday, October 16, 2013


 (Image from the movie, "Lassie Come Home.")

I rather think this is a TV series your children might enjoy and benefit from. I'm so sorry that most of the ones I tend to recommend are oldies, but such is the state of things, I'm afraid. I remember watching this show during its very long run from 1954 to 1973. Now that's a long time for a TV show, so obviously there were a lot of people who watched it besides me.

If you like heartwarming stories with lessons of love, compassion, adventure, courage, and the like, maybe it would be worthwhile digging up some dvds if they're to be found or look for it on a channel that broadcasts the old shows. And then, of course, the movie can be viewed from a variety of sources, I would hope. I don't KNOW this, but maybe you would want to look into it.

We don't have to succumb to everything we're being fed today. We do have choices, and one of those choices is to dig into the past and unearth some of the oldies but goodies. In my opinion, the Lassie show and movie fit into that category. And this is especially true if you like dogs AND children like me. But then again, sometimes I found the show a bit sad as it often made me teary. But that's just the way I am, and then again, who's to say that's not a good thing for your kids too?

I need to mention that the show had Lassie's exploits taking place with family life in a farming community, then some seasons of adventures with  US Forest Rangers, and the canine star finally ended her long series run at a children's home. For some reason, I don't remember the last seasons so perhaps I never watched those, I'm not sure.

So there you have it. Lassie is my latest TV recommendation. More to come no doubt.

Maxine, a/k/a Nanna

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