Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Phillis Wheatley, a Christian Heroine

Phillis Wheatley is one of my favorite heroes of the faith. I think it’s not just the fact that she and I are of the same ethnicity. More than that, it’s because she was a writer. And much of her heroism, in addition to her sterling character, was in her writing. There are many people whom I admire because of their writing. It’s close to my heart, you know, because I want to serve the Lord in written words above all else. What I have and hope to commit to paper will never measure up to that which was penned by this little “lowly” slave girl who accomplished so much above all the odds against her.

Please, read her story to your children. Hers is an important account of what can be achieved by human tenacity and will. I’ll let you read this tremendous tribute to this wonderful person at this site. Ask your children what they’ve learned after you read it to them. Or as a great homeschool language arts or social studies assignment, print out the story and have them write a paragraph or two about what they have learned after reading the story of this remarkable American who was a Christian hero. 

Maxine, a/k/a Nanna


  1. This is the first I have heard of Phillis Wheatley - thank you for your post on her ... I would love to read more about her. "MMF" (none of the profiles seemed to fit me, but you know who MMF is! Oh, I was forced to choose a profile, hence the 'anonymous')

  2. Oh, I am finding sites for more info about her :) ...

  3. Well, so glad you found out about her! And thanks for stopping by, MMF!