Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Prairie Party

What a great idea for a homemade party. If you go here you'll find loads of idea which you can adapt.


  1. Hi Maxine, you have put a very attractive picture of a Prairie Party. Though I do not know what is meant by a Prairie Party. But I guess, looking at the photograph, it seems bundles of dry grass have been arranged properly to create serving tables and chair, with table cloth thrown over it. This is looking really pretty.

    I think, this is really a great idea to plan such a party specially for the kids and their friends. Kids love unusual concepts and I am sure they are going to absolutely love it.

    Though looking at the picture I could not gauge other finer details of such a party but overall looking very basic yet extremely attractive!

    1. Jeff, I hope the link to the Homespun Heart will be helpful to those interested.

      Thanks for the feedback.