Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Commandments Calendar

I think this is really a great way to teach the ten commandments this coming year: One of my favorite sites has calendars children can create with all types of themes, but I particularly like this one with the ten commandments. You print the calendars with images or without images (so your kids can draw their own), and you can make yearly or monthly printouts. Great if you want to make some up and give as New Year's gifts since it's too late for Christmas.

SG had a calendar publication which has now been discontinued for sale, but it was good for giving as gifts for Sunday school students at Christmas. These would work as well. Nice project for children who like to draw and/or color.

Praying that the coming year is blessed indeed for your family.


  1. what a great link...i love fun hands on stuff like this to re-inforce biblical principles for my boys :)

    hope you have a blessed new year!

  2. I agree, Mariel. Thanks for visiting and many blessings back to you!