Hi there! Welcome to our "Gems" page! Every other month we bring you a little nugget of truth from our book, Bright Gems for His Crown. One of the reasons we have this page is so that people can read an excerpt from the book and have an idea of what is covered on a particular day of the month.

Please note that each excerpt we post is copied word for word from the introductory thoughts for one of the thirty-one topics covered in the book. Each topic is covered by a separate devotional for three months and the respective introductory thoughts are to be read for each of them. We are posting them here in chronological order on a bi-monthly basis:


Thankful is what we should be when someone does something for us. It is what we should feel when something happens that makes us happy. It is when we appreciate what someone does for us or gives to us. Another word for thankful is the word “grateful.” We always have a lot to be thankful for. As a child, you may sometimes forget this. We want to help you to remember how important thankfulness is. On another day, we talked about praying. Whenever you pray, always remember to give praise and thanks to God. Even before you ask Him for anything, you should thank Him and praise Him.

When You Pray:

Pray this prayer: “Dear Lord, thank You for all my blessings; thank You for providing for my needs; and thank you most of all for Jesus. In His Name, Amen.”